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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 7, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> the president: whether i've earned your vote or not, i have listen to you. i have learned from you. i and you've made me a better president. >> president obama thanks america after a victory against mitt romney. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. the obamas are set to leave chicago within the hour to return to the white house. the president is turning his attention to the most pressing challenges. he needs a budget deal to prevent a fiscal cliff. if he captain deep spending
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cuts and tax increases will kick in next year. >> reporter: good afternoon. president obama the night here in chicago. he and his family will return to the white house later this afternoon. somehow he overcame a historically slow economy and high unemployment to win four more years. crowds rejoiced in times square, outside the white house and in chicago. >> the president: i want to thank every american who participated in this election. whether you voted for the very first time or waited in line for a very longtime. by the way, we have to fix that. >> reporter: the outcome became clear before midnight as the mid western firewall held firm. >> the president: we have fought our way back. and we know in our hearts that for the united states of america, the best is yet to
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comement. >> reporter: the latest numbers in the electoral college 303 for president obama, 206 for romney. florida still too close to call. the popular vote for president obama, 59 million votes. governor romney with 56 million. the romney crowd in boston was tense most of the night which guy way to disappointment. paul and i have left everything on the field we have given our all to this campaign. >> reporter: the fact that only 72% of voters yesterday were -- >> what has happened with the republicans they are the republican party is a madmen party in a modern family america. >> reporter: while 77% of americans still the economy was in bad shape, romney only edged the president slightly in terms of who voters trusted
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to handle the situation. 49-48%. reporting live in chicago t.j. winick, abc news. on capitol hill the president will face the same divided congress next year democrats retain control of senate, republicans the house. republicans lost three key seats. democrats strengthened their control, something that didn't seem likely. democrats have 52 seats plus two independents who generally vote with them republicans 45. senate race in north dakota still undecided. the house is staying in republican hands with 233 lawns and 185 democrats. 17 undied -- undecided house democrats will wait for nancy pelosi's decision on whether she will stay on as minority leader. voters approved the first tax in two decades bypassing prop 30 the governor's measure to prevent deep education cuts
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won by eight point margin increases sales tax a quarter cent starting in january and raises taxes on incomes over $250 no. projected to raise -- $250,000. projected to raise six billion dollars. the governor will hold on a news conference shortly. governor brown is talk now so let's go to that sacramento news conference. >> people said you shouldn't go to the people, and get their views in a statewide vote about whether or not to raise taxes. i made a pledge when i ran for governor, two years ago, that i would number one, tell the truth. no more smoke and mirrors operate budget, level with people. seek a vote of the people before any new taxes. and thirdly, bring government closer to the people. last night, that path forward vindicated my confidence in
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the -- that the people of california can make sound judgments in the context of tens of thousands of fewer teachers, massive cuts in public education, thousands of courses in community colleges, eliminated. redevelopment eliminated, cutbacks. there's been a real effort at paring back state government. in that context, of three in cuts, i see why people -- of three dollars in cuts i see why people voted. it is a balanced plan, sustainable and i continue tend to do whatever i can in the next two years to make sure we meet the high expectations that the majority of californians, expressed last night. i'll take any questions. >> voters who might be wondering what their vote meant for prop 30? >> that was governor brown's
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news conference on the passage of prop 30 if you want to continue watching we are live streaming it on democrats in sacramento may have a favorable new political landscape the party is anticipating a super majority in the state senate and assembly allowing the party to push through increases and budgets without republican votes. >> here's a look at other propositions. prop 34 defeated. it would have replaced the death penalty with life in prison without parole. voters rejected prop 37 which would have required the labeling of genetically modified foods. >> now east bay races. there's change in the east bay's 15th district. longtime congressman pete stark has been ousted by fellow democrat eric swalwell. stark has been in congress for four decades, he's 80-years-old. dublin city councilman and
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prosecutor eric swalwell won the endorsements of key democrats. two appeared on the ballot of new top to candidates rule in the primary. >> in the 9th district which includes antioch, oakley, brentwood and discovery bay, incumbent mcnerney has defeated gill. >> in the south bay san jose voters approved an increase in the city's minimum wage. here's measure d. you can see the difference in the vote 59%-40 within%. terry mcsweeney -- 59%-41%. >> reporter: amazing story a group of students here came up with the idea to raise the minimum wage. they were up against very powerful forces the chamber of commerce and the mayor. they were out-spent 2-1 and
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out-gunned but not out-done. daniel alba works in the state university book store for $8.50 an hour come january that goes up to $10. >> less stress over tuition and i don't know, being able to go out with friends and not worrying about how much i'm spending a week and manage my time >> reporter: a group of sociology students on the state campus created measure d. student alicia is a member of cafe j. a group that found inspiration meeting near the statue of san jose state 60s radicals carlos and smith. >> if you believe in something you can succeed we are part of history saying us community members felt if we work hard, we play by the rules, we deserve a living wage. >> reporter: senator reed says he likes the idea but concerned about employers unable to pay the higher wage
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saying they will slash thousands of workers. >> facing a budget shortfall next year of millions of dollars. another $600,000 will come from the general fund. >> reporter: the cafe j folks say if you knowcus on the negative that is all you will see. >> it is about people in our community it is important for us to impact one another and not think about ourselves rather than our collective action when we collectively act we could change the world. not just that one person it is us. >> reporter: these students learned about how to win election they form add lyonses with labor as well as social -- they formed alliances with labor as well as social service agencies. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. san francisco voters elected several supervisors most controversial races just
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decided this morning. district 5 supervisor alagi has been defeated after a lot of political fallout from the sheriff ross mirkarimi domestic abuse case. amy hollyfield is live at city hall. >> reporter: alagi surprised a lot of people when she voted for ross mirkarimi to keep his job. a lot of people turned on her after that now she has lost the election. here's what owe what mirkarimi had to say about that. >> -- voting her conscience that billionaires would take out and hit her because of her support for me. i think we should all reject politics of retribution and anything based on vengeance or spending lots of money to get even because somebody didn't vote our way >> reporter: alagi was not in her office this morning. by 10:00 most of the supervisors had lights on today. she did not. we have file video of her from
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her swearing in ceremony. she also isn't answering the door at her home or cell phone this morning. some wealthy supporters of mayor lee helped fund a campaign against alagi after she voted to reinstate mirkarimi as sheriff. she was beat last night, by breed the supervisor elect. mirkarimi said breed ran a good campaign you can't say she won because of alagi's vote for him. breed tells us alagi has not called to concede or congratulate her. mayor lee was not here when we were asking for a expected to speak later. carolyn tyler will be there to get his comments. she will be trying to track down alagi today. stay with abc7 news for this developing story. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we are going to of up to
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the minute election results throughout the day. keep your eyes on the bottom of the screen for latest results. >> also get real-time results on >> we are also sending out the latest results on twitter. >> still ahead, controversial video of a domestic violence suspect being tased by police in the east bay. now that man is
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we have breaking news. stocks are plunging on the day after the election dow down more than 300 points most of the day right now down 260 points many analysts say wall street is reacting to fears of a deep recession in europe as well as tax hikes and spending cuts set to kick in, in the new year if congress can't reap a deal. the dow is set to finish with biggest one-day point drop in a year. martinez man filing civil lawsuit against the city claiming police officers wrongfully used a taser on him caught on video captured by a surveillance camera at a gas station. katie marzullo joins us from the newsroom. two -- >> reporter: captured on video still open to interpretation. the police chief says the officer was within his rights to use the nonlethal force the
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man says the video shows he was not resisting arrest this is the video he posted on youtube, the man in the bottom left of the screen. you see him put his hands up, get on his knees, turn his head and say something and then he goes down, hit from behind by a taser. this happened in october of we have len as -- october of 2010 well 11. police wanted him for -- 10 felony counts. his civil attorney says the severity of the charges doesn't justify what police did. >> now he's on his hands and knees. you are now going to say we had a right to tase you because a minute or two before that you didn't instantaneously get on your hands and knees and put your hands in the air. that is not a excuse. >> reporter: police chief says the video does not show what happened in the minutes before the incident and you can't hear what was said. he says i believe the part
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that was posted was edited to deceive and misrepresent what actually occurred. to that end, the police department is releasing what it calls the full version of the surveillance video the chief says the sergeant who fired the taser is a decorated officer and internal affairs determined the officer acted within policy. the criminal case is still pending. because of that and the fact he has filed a claim against the city the police chief says he cannot comment further on the situation. katie marzullo, abc7 news. meteorologist mike nicco with a changing forecast. >> already changing outside now a lot of us drove through it this morning. check out east bay valleys never had the fog and still don't the one area that is not dealing with it. showers, thunderstorms and frost in the forecast. another round for east coast bracing for a new storm. next, highway residents
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new storm approaching the northeast already there
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airlines not taking chances right now 18 flights in and out of sfo to the east coast have been cancelled. in new jersey residents are stocking up on supplies for the second time in two weeks nor'easter now there could bring more flooding to coastal communities battered by superstorm sandy. some new jersey and new york residents are being warned to evacuate. new york city closing parks, playgrounds and beaches and ordering construction sites to be secured. >> i think the cold is going to get them and the snow that is going to stop or delay the recovery efforts because they don't have power and it is 30°, brutal. color coded to show with you what is going on. there you go, you can see the snow lining up from boston down to almost delaware. it is getting thicker that snow is and heavy at times. the fact these people don't have power and it is snowing,
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it is almost like being in an ice storm in the south if you have been there you get the ice storm, it comes in, cold then you don't have power forever that's what they are dealing with thoughts out for those folks hopefully that relief we sent with that day of giving is going to help clouds from emeryville back towards san francisco one more picture san jose starting to see clouds dissipate enough for sun to breakthrough. doppler showing dry air no radar returns you can see clearing trend along the north bay especially the coast. that's that cold front that is kicking up the high clouds that we talked about replace low clouds into the afternoon clearing definitely slow but improving san jose has lowest visibility 2 1/2 miles temperatures in the 50s to 60s where we've had sunshine in the east bay valleys mid to upper 60s there same in gilroy closer you get to monterey bay
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more likely you are in the clouds and temperatures in the 50s slow sunshine leaves, much cooler today cooler tomorrow with cold front and showers and thunder still possible for friday. today compared to yesterday, yesterday record high temperatures today 10 to 15° cooler this is where we should be for early november. near 60 along the coast, mid to upper 60s bay upper 60s to mid 70s inland valleys with mid 70s in the east bay valleys sunshine better part of today 62 monterey mid to upper 60s the rest of bay. check out tonight, cooler 40s and 50s, partly cloudy we won't have cloud cover we had this morning. as we look at what is happening upstream cold front to the north huge area of cold air, sprawling thousand miles once it comes in it is going to stay for the better part of
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four to five days temperatures below average. steadier rain tomorrow 10:00 in the north bay. noon heart of the bay. 2:00 in the south bay. by the evening commute it is out of here scattered shower possible during the evening hours. 10:00 it flares up. friday morning quiet, friday mid-morning to mid-afternoon, scattered thunderstorms starts to develop they could have brief heavy rain and small hail. here's your accuweather -- the winter weather advisory, if you are heading up that way tomorrow midday to the afternoon horse tie day is going to be tough traveling there. temperatures drop again tomorrow, lucky if we get to near 60, thursday, friday even saturday once the sun starts to break out. sunday into monday should be best chance for first frost not much warmer monday and tuesday, 50s and 60s after today for a long time. fall is here. we have breaking news in
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the east bay. hazardous materials situation on i-880 in san leandro, 185 gallons of diesel fuel has spilled. >> this is southbound lanes at 238 area in san leandro. with those lanes shutdown officials are saying that could take maybe three to four hours to cleanup. no danger to the community if it goes four hours we are starting to end the commute.
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thanks for joining us. >> for complete
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